Natasha Williams-Phatela

Natasha is a Partner at FranklinCovey Namibia and is an accredited facilitator for several of our flagship Leadership and Productivity programs. Natasha is also an established consultant with over 16 years of professional experience in the fields of Human Resources, Organizational Development and Project management, leadership training, strategic and business planning, performance management consulting, interim management, curriculum and instructional development, indoor and outdoor teambuilding facilitation, coaching and personal growth support, and various skills training.

Natasha has a Masters in Educational Science & Technology (the Netherlands). She has worked for a wide range of companies both in the private and public sector. She has experience in several sectors in Namibia, including the Higher Education sector in 2014 to 2015. For the last 7 years Natasha has worked in Namibia through her consulting company, GROW. She previously worked as a consultant in the Netherlands for KPMG and Thales (formerly Thompson CSF) between 1996-2005



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